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Free Google Android Phone Wallpaper

If you would like cool wallpaper to personalize your Google Android phone, you can use your own image as a background, or you can go to dailymobile.se and download free wallpaper for your HTC Hero or G1 phone. Any of these wallpapers can be installed on a G1 phone, providing you, your own personal touch for your smart phone.

When you download one of these images to your Android phone, it is simple to set the image as your phone’s background. You simply need to open the image, click on the menu button, and choose “Set as” wallpaper.

Step by Step Instructions

Save It To Your (HTC Hero, G1 etc) – Find the image in your Downloads – Open the image – Press the Menu Button – Find Set As – And then Set it as your Wallpaper.

Recommended image sizes

It looks like the best viewable dimensions are 640 x 455, but you’ll likely just want to make the images 640 x 480 (depending on how the images align).

Here are four background wallpapers you can use for your Google Android Phone:

Android Wallpaper for HTC Hero and G1 – 640×480

Download more wallpaper at http://dailymobile.se/ for your G1 and HTC phone.

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    Thank you for the wallpaper and the instructions on how to upload my own wallpaper for my G1 Phone!

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