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Google I/O 2010 – Writing real-time games for Android redux

Google I/O 2010 – Writing real-time games for Android redux Android 201 Chris Pruett This session is a crash course in Android game development: everything you need to know to get started writing 2D and 3D games, as well as tips, tricks, and benchmarks to help your code reach optimal performance. In addition, we’ll discuss hot topics related to game development, including hardware differences across devices, using C++ to write Android games, and the traits of the most popular games on Market. For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to code.google.com

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11 Responses to “Google I/O 2010 – Writing real-time games for Android redux”

  1. cyborgtroy says:

    @peppeddu – No, I think the iPhone is popular for development because a lot of people own them.

    It doesn’t even have buttons, man.

  2. peppeddu says:

    Write once, run anywhere, good for nowhere.

    And that’s why the iPhone is a very popular platform for games.
    You know xzatcly the hardware your game will be running on, and you can focus on the game itself, not a bunch of “if”

  3. MegaWaxz says:

    Dang he’s better than my instructor, it’s just he talk a little too fast. So if feeling a little sleepy or whatever you might get lost to what he was saying.

  4. itanium69 says:

    I think this dude needs a vacation in the land of no coffee and a monster promotion. Genius dude and obviously very smart.

  5. shonzilla says:

    It goes without saying, Chris Pruett is really cognizant in game development! :-)
    I don’t see how this presentation could be better. Congrats!

  6. 10Shin says:

    Thanks very helpful. Has helped me readdress some of my considerations to android game development.

  7. lymnjuice says:

    Great talk! Delivered excellently, could feel your enthusiasm for the topic.

  8. aniketudeshmukh says:

    Excellent Presentation !!

  9. ringgeist39 says:

    i wait for the third generation :D

  10. ivansotof says:

    very good presentation!

  11. mgcristi says:

    GREAT presentation