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iPad Theme for Android Phones

iPad theme, iPhone 3G theme, Obsidian Theme, Windows 7, Motorola Cliq, Droid, using the apps GDE, aHome, Open Home Full, Panda Home, DxTop, & Lock 2.0, LockBot Pro

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14 Responses to “iPad Theme for Android Phones”

  1. lsaac601 says:

    does your phone have to be rooted?

  2. dahookid323 says:

    that ipad theme is nice..how do i get it?

  3. TheCheesyProductions says:

    Nice, i personally like htc sense ui, cliq, and cube transition

  4. jackfuckerII says:

    @babescalhoun k, sure

  5. babescalhoun says:

    @jackfucker1 <— small penis !

  6. steve3rdward says:

    how do yu get dha ipad theme ?

  7. DesmondChen says:

    nice job ^^

  8. nickrock2323 says:

    @Daymon74 yes , you need GDE, which u can get free on PandaApp. Watch my HTC Incredible part 1 video for instructions. Once u get GDE, u can DL the Windows theme for free on the mkt or on PandaApp. Both have decent windows 7 themes. I am using Sweeter Home right now, making themes for them too. It’s a little complicated but has the most potential. Get familiar with Panda Home or GDE first, then give Sweeter Home a try. Email me if u have problems or not sure about something, peace

  9. marinoblanco18 says:

    hi, i want the themes on my motorola droid/milestone whit android 2.1. how can i get them on my phone?

  10. Daymon74 says:

    That’s awesome! I was just wondering if Windows 7 theme would be possible.

  11. DeanDino2359 says:

    why would we want our droids to look like an iphone? We’re Android people dude!

  12. jackfucker1 says:

    @nickrock2323 yeah. tough guy..

  13. nickrock2323 says:

    @jackfucker1 yes the developers named the app “iPad Theme” because they look like an iPad with the background and smaller icons. Search “iPad theme” on the Market, there r alot.. peace out tough guy

  14. jackfucker1 says:

    ipad theme? not iphone theme? lol