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LG Optimus GT540 Review

LG tested the Android operating system waters with the LG GW620. Criticized by some for entering the game relatively late, they have rectified the situation by producing a quality successor to the GW620. Known to retailers as the LG GT540, it is more popularly known as the Optimus. Keeping development costs down by remaining true to the operations of the 620, LG has presented a user friendly, mid-priced smartphone in the Optimus. One handy feature of the Optimus is the available QWERTY keyboard that brings an ease to typing and texting previously not seen on devices of its ilk. It is somewhat larger than comparable smartphone models, but it is far from big, measuring 109 x 54.5 x 12.7mm. It will slip into any pocket and remain unnoticed because of a lightweight, high quality plastic construction. The plastic shell is contoured around the frame, making for a sleek, smooth appearance. A 3-inch resistive touch screen dominates the front of the LG Optimus. Early reports are that although not a capacitive touch screen, it is still quite accurate, leading to far fewer mistakes than one might expect. It maintains HVGA resolution and the TFT display provides more than adequate image quality for a phone that falls in the mid-price range. Images are presented at a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels with 256K colors. On the Optimus you will find two kinds of home screens. One is the familiar Android experience while the other is LG customized. LG’s version allows you to customize buttons at the bottom of the screen that grant access to messaging at any time as well as widgets, folders, and shortcuts. You can even choose the number of available home screens, anywhere from three to seven. Or, you can change the theme completely. One area in which the LG Optimus really excels is battery life. Equipped with a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery, the phone offers 1500 hours of standby life and up to 7 hours and 20 minutes of talk time. Many smartphones in its price range, or any other range for that matter, can claim these numbers. Of course, the LG Optimus comes packed with miscellaneous features that will please the user who is looking to enhance the smartphone experience. On the Optimus you will find an alarm clock, world clock, voice recorder, personal organizer, a dedicated Youtube plug-in, a PDF viewer, and scads of other handy applications. It is true that the LG Optimus is an entry-level Android phone, but this works to the device’s advantage. LG took time to plan a phone that would satisfy new users with an easy UI and please experienced users with familiarity. It is truly a phone for all.

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